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The History of The Escape Games

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The Escape Game industry, although young, is fast becoming one of the most popular activities across the world, attracting a large number of tourists, residents and corporate wherever they are open! Almost every major city now has an Escape Game provider.


The concept of an Escape Game is very simple – a group of 2-5 people get LOCKED in a room. They have 60 minutes in order to find the clues, unlock the puzzles to solve the mystery and ultimately Escape the room.


Originally, most of the games globally had similar themes, where the players play the roles of famous detectives and their mission is to solve a murder mystery. The Escape Hunt Experience changed the landscape of Escape Games globally by launching different game themes including survival games, robbery games, adventure games and much much more, allowing players to take on different roles every time they play.


The Escape Hunt Experience is the world leader, with branches in over 25 countries. Here is why our Escape Game experience is really special:

  • Our game rooms are fully themed – we decorate the rooms to match the setting of the Once players are inside, they will feel as if we transported into the story itself and they will play the roles we allocate to them. We also use many sound and visual effects to add to your game play.
  • Our game masters are really friendly and helpful – we have a dedicated game master ready to give you a clue if you are stuck during any part of your Escape Game experience.
  • Our puzzles take Escape Games to another level – we have many different types of puzzles in our games that will make sure you think outside the box. Many Escape Games are fully revolved around finding number combinations to unlock number pad locks. At The Escape Hunt Experience, using some tech, some mechanics and some straight up simple logic, we make sure we diversify the puzzles and keep you excited throughout your Escape Game experience.

All this being said, our only joy is to see our visitors having FUN!!


Don’t miss out on our DISCOUNTED PRICES applicable from Sunday to Wednesday.  3 simple steps to join in the Escape Game fun:


Step 1: Gather a group of 2 – 5 people

Step 2: Choose one of our games and book your experience (use the promocode EH15OFF and get 15% off your online booking)

Step 3: Arrive on time and soak in the fun J..



We are one of the few game centres in the world to welcome groups of only 2 players.  This means you can have a wonderful personal experience for just the two of you.  Add in the fact you are in your own private room, it becomes a very special event.




In a world of personal gadgets and online experience, this is a special opportunity to spend some amazing time with your family.  An adventure with us will give you memories that you will treasure for many years to come!



Whether it’s a Friday night or a Monday afternoon, we are open to host your workday get-away.  Whether you are friends, work colleagues or both, come and enjoy a fun-filled adventure in Dubai competing against the clock.




The Escape Hunt Experience has 10 rooms and deduced lounges so keeps a large corporate following.  Companies choose us for their corporate team building because this is about the most fun you can have in a supervised learning environment!





The Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road  Jumeirah 1, Dubai





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